Como habilitar suporte NTFS no CentOS 6.x

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In this how to I will describe how to enable NTFS support in CentOS 6.3. By default CentOS 6.x doesnt comes with NTFS support to mount NTFS partition either on hard disk or usb drives. Fedora provies EPEL repository for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) is a volunteer-based community effort from the Fedora project to create a repository of high-quality add-on packages that complement the Fedora-based Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and its compatible spinoffs, such as CentOS and Scientific Linux. NTFS drivers ntfs-3g is available through EPEL repository.

1) Preparation

Enable EPEL repository using following command.

2) Install NTFS Drivers.

The above command will install ntfs-3g package which bring NTFS support to your CentOS 6.3 installation. Just plug in your ntfs usb drives or use mount command to enable ntfs hard drive partitions.c